Young lovely girl has small sexy breasts

Young lovely girl Georgia Jones from has truly spectacular small sexy breasts and the sort of petite naked body usually only found in the finest dreams.  Seriously, wow, gorgeous black-haired babe Georgia always delivers a great scene but she was absolutely on fire when this one was shot.  She must have been hitting the gym pretty hard or something because she kicked her already amazing tight figure up to the maximum level achievable by mortal woman.  This stunning beauty has created a set that even a blind man would drool over.

And it isn’t all about her flawless small-breasted torso either.  There is a raw sexuality coming from her beautiful face that is thick enough you could bottle it for sale to desperate housewives that could never match even a tenth of this smoking hotties allure on their very best day.  The dreamy, half-asleep look in her serene pale blue eyes is so mysteriously attractive.  Is she being coy?  Perhaps that is even a sultry suggestion of future passion in them?  Who knows, but they do pull the entire package of perfect little body and face together.

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